Submit a Rumour

Submit a Rumour

Internews is working with BBC Media Action to collect and analyze rumors and misinformation related to the SARS-CoV-2 virus and COVID-19 disease.

Data is being now collected in these languages across Asia:

  • Khmer
  • Hindi
  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • Tagalog
  • Bangla

Many rumours about COVID-19 are shared on encrypted platforms (for example WhatsApp, Line and Telegram) and private Facebook posts. These rumours are difficult to access unless you are friends with the person or a member of a private group but like all rumours, they give us vital information about community questions, concerns and alert health workers to risky behaviour.

Help us to collect, analyse and respond to these rumours by submitting post information using the form below. Submission takes just 1 minute and contributes to improving health communication about COVID-19 in this region.

Rumour submission guidelines:

  • You may submit a screenshot or link to a rumour from any Social media platform
  • Unfortunately, we can only accept rumours in our 9 focal languages mentioned above
  • Any rumour submitted will be reviewed and translated to English by our team
  • Any identifying information will be removed from the post
  • Posts encouraging risky behavior will be flagged for removal from the social media platform
  • If you work for a media, fact checking, health or humanitarian organisation, please alert us so we can acknowledge your contribution to the dataset

If you would like to get in touch to submit a larger collection of rumours, or would like to apply to access our dataset, please email .

Submit a Rumour