Tools to support journalists and newsrooms during COVID-19

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Social Media Rumour Bulletin

Internews is working with Translators without Borders, Standby Task Force and BBC Media Action to collect and analyse rumours and misinformation related to the SARS-CoV-2 virus and COVID-19 disease.

This bi-weekly bulletin analyses Social Media data in eight languages across Asia: Thai, Khmer, Urdu, Bahasa Indonesia, Simplified Chinese, Tagalog, Hindi and Vietnamese.

Edition #6, June 24, 2020: English (final edition)

Edition #5, June 10, 2020: English, Bahasa Indonesia, Tagalog (Special Edition)

Edition #4, May 27, 2020: English, Bahasa Indonesia, Hindi, Vietnamese, Thai, Simplified Chinese

Edition #3, May 13, 2020: English, Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese

Edition #2, April 29, 2020: English, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, Vietnamese

Edition #1, April 15, 2020: English

Rumour Guidelines:

Plain language summaries of the current research and scientific evidence related to common rumours seen on Social Media in the region and guidance for journalists in responding to the rumour in their context.

Rumours selected are based on trending topics as identified by our Social Media rumour tracking activities. If there is a rumour you are struggling to respond to, or would like us to produce guidance on a specific topic, please contact us.

Journalist Factsheets and Guidelines

Resources to build skills in health and science reporting and to address key challenges facing journalists during the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Guidelines for reporting on clinical trials: visual presentation of eight simple steps to help journalists to understand the role and limitations of clinical trials. Also available in Bahasa Indonesia, Bangla, Burmese, Hindi, Vietnamese.
  • Guidance: Find Stories in Sitreps: this handy guide will help you to find creative story inspiration among dry organisational updates. Also available in Bahasa Indonesia and Thai.


Internews is organising a series of webinars in local languages to connect journalists with health professionals and provide support in responding to rumours and misinformation. You can access all the Internews media support webinars on our dedicated Youtube channel.

Latest Webinars:

  • Droplet vs. Airborne Transmission of SARS-CoV-2: Updated Guidance on Mask Use (English), July 21, 2020
  • COVID-19: Safety and Sustainability Challenges for Journalists (Bangla, English), July 17, 2020
  • Migrants in Thailand: Information Needs, Flow and Access (Thai), July 1, 2020
  • Migrants in Thailand: Information Needs, Flow and Access (English), June 30, 2020
  • COVID-19: How the Media Can Remember Gender (Tagalog), June 24, 2020
  • 100 Days in the Pandemic – Fighting the Virus of Stigma & Discrimination of Migrant Workers (Bahasa Indonesia), June 19, 2020
  • Media & COVID-19 pandemic: The 100-Day Challenge (Khmer), June 17, 2020
  • COVID-19 and the return of migrant workers in South Asia (English), June 2, 2020
  • What the Climate Crisis Looks Like in a Covid-Altered World (English), June 2, 2020 – from the Internews Earth Journalism Network
  • Reporting on Social and Economic impacts of COVID-19 (Thai), May 29, 2020
  • World Press Freedom Day 2020: COVID-19 and Responsible Reporting (English), May 7, 2020
  • COVID-19 and the Environmental Crisis: Harnessing Data to Expose Inequality and Wildlife Trafficking (English), May 6, 2020 – from the Internews Earth Journalism Network
  • Reducing stigma and prejudice in Covid-19 reporting (Thai), May 4, 2020
  • Using Data to Investigate Pangolin Trafficking (English), April 28, 2020 – from the Internews Earth Journalism Network
  • The Role of the Wildlife Trade in the Spread of Zoonotic Diseases (English), April 23, 2020 – from the Internews Earth Journalism Network
  • How Do Scientists Detect and Prevent Viruses with Pandemic Potential from Emerging? (English), April 22, 2020 – from the Internews Earth Journalism Network
  • COVID-19: Getting the Science Rights and Distinguishing Facts from Rumors (Khmer), April 17, 2020
  • Staying safe while reporting on COVID-19 (English), April 15, 2020 – from the Internews Earth Journalism Network
  • Role of Media in Covering the COVID-19 Outbreak in Thailand: Reporting accurately & how to stay safe (Thai), April 9, 2020
  • Zoonotic Diseases: Wildlife Trade, the Disruption of Ecosystems, and the Spread of Epidemics (English), April 2, 2020 – from the Internews Earth Journalism Network
  • COVID-19 – Media skills series: responsible reporting on rumours (Bahasa Indonesia), March 20, 2020